As a photographer, I focus on portraiture and sports/action photography. With portraiture I’m interested in making connections with my subjects and allowing an audience to connect with them through my work. I view portrait photography as a collaborative process that isn’t about ‘taking a picture’ but about creating something that meaningfully represents the subject. As sports/action photographer, I love capturing the ephemeral moments that stick in our memory. I’m a huge sports fan myself and I bring that ‘fan’s sense of the action’ to my work. You can see my portfolio and pricing/contact information at Fifth Labor Photography.

My artistic work often explores the way photos interact with our perceptions. I love the adage that “Art is a lie that reveals a truth,” and perhaps no medium ‘lies’ to the audience as effectively as photography. It’s that dynamic/tension that I most enjoy examining.

I have an ongoing editorial photography project pairing portraits and interviews from subjects across the country, entitled “City on a Hill: Hopes in America”. The first series of portraits from the series had their exhibition at Thymele Arts in Hollywood, CA from May to July of 2018. You can see a selection of the portrait and interviews at

I am also the founder of the artists’ collective Few, but Roses, an artistic community that celebrates queer artists and their work. Recently founded, Few, but Roses will be holding its first exhibition – “Listen Close to Your Sweet Voice” – in March of 2024.

Few, But Roses - Listen Close to Your Sweet Voice, March 2024

F.R.Latimer Photographer - City Upon a Hill Reception, May 12th 8pm