I am extremely fortunate that I have the opportunity to pursue several different professional interests. There are times it requires a rather loaded Google Calendar to manage things, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Please contact me about any of the following services.

COVID-19 Social Distancing Tele-consulting & Tutoring

I am providing specialized services for educators, parents, and students engaged in distance learning during the social distancing measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. Please see this page for more information.

Mental Performance Consultation

I provide a number of services through my Mental Performance Consulting practice, Arete Performance Consulting. The header links below will take you to the corresponding page of my practice.

Consulting for Organizations and Coaching Staffs

Mental Performance Consulting can benefit educational and corporate organizations just as much as an athletic team. Want to develop effective communication skills & an feedback style? Looking to create a supportive and mindful organizational climate? Want to help the members of your organization in developing the mental skills to support their personal and professional growth? I can support you.

Coaching for Individuals

No matter the field in which you’re looking to perform – athletics, academics, artistic/public performance – you can benefit from learning the mental skills and techniques needed to master your specific obstacles. I’ll work with you to develop a program tailored to your goals and challenges. Skill areas commonly addressed include: Goal-Setting, Concentration & Focus, Anxiety Management & Relaxation, Imagery & Visualization, and Positive Self-Talk.

Public Speaking Workshops & Coaching

Professional presentations, proposals to clients, auditions for tv or films – someone who communicates well and connects with their audience has a clear advantage over those who don’t. There are few experiences that capture the stresses of our modern world like public speaking. But there are also few skills that are more crucial to success.

Public speaking is a performance skill. The challenges public speakers face – those shaking hands, that racing heart – are physical challenges, like those in sport or artistic performance. We’ll work together to develop the mental skills necessary for you to become the best speaker you can be.

A Speciality: Prep Level Student-Athletics

I’ve spend a decade teaching in elite prep schools, so I know student-athletes face unique challenges. Because of my background, I can address both sides of the student-athlete experience. I love watching people excel, and take a special joy in supporting my student-athlete clients as they grow and thrive on both the playing field and in the classroom.

Coaches in high schools also face a unique challenge. They must care for both the educational and athletic goals of their athletes and programs. Prep-level sports emphasize the development of mental skills and character habits that will benefit student-athletes their whole lives. I’m familiar with both the athletic and educational challenges of that mission. I’ll partner with you in nurturing those skills and habits and ensuring they transfer to the classroom and beyond.